How To Balance Inquiry In Dito?

Are you a new Dito user? If yes, then welcome to blog where I post all about Dito updates and news. If you already use Dito prepaid sim, you might be wondering how to check your load balance. Just like with other telecom providers, Dito is also loadable and can be registered to any available promos.

Checking your load balance is very important no matter what telco you are using. This is the very first step in order for you to make any calls, text or of course, before you can register any DITO Promo.

e-Load is the load for telecom companies. There are other things that you can do about e-load or phone credit. You can do an easy online mobile recharge for your prepaid phone credit and data.

Check Available Load Balance via DITO Mobile App

Using the DITO Mobile App, where you can check your load balance right away.

Login to DITO App using your Mobile number and the password you set. The app also will show you when will be your load balance will expire too.

          NOTE: You can only use DITO mobile numbers to login to DITO Mobile App. Here are the list of DITO Prefixes that are allowed.

Official DITO Mobile App by DITO Telecommunity

Check Available Load Balance via Official MyDito Website

You can also check your available load balance at DITO official website MyDITO

Just visit and login using your Dito Mobile Number and Password.
Once you logged-in, just same as the DITO App, you will see your load balance right away.

MyDITO Landing Page
Source: DITO Telecommunity

MyDITO Dashboard
Source: DITO Telecommunity

How To Check Balance In Dito Without App

Check Available Load Balance via  SMS

If you don't have internet wifi or Data remaining but you want to check your remaining balance, inquiring your balance via SMS is very easy.

Just simply send SMS BAL to 185.

Dito Balance Inquiry via SMS

Check Available Load Balance via USSD Codes

It is very quick and easy to know your balance-related information via USSD codes. As for now, DITO uses only one USSD code to provide all the balance-related information. You can follow this steps to check the balance:

Dial *185# and press the call button.
A flash message will pop up showing you your main balance and validity.
In the same flash message you will see 5 options i.e.
  • (1) DITO Account,
  • (2) Load,
  • (3) Promos,
  • (0) Help.
Reply with 1 and tap the Send button.
After that, you will see another flash message with 5 options i.e. (1) Load Inquiry, (2) Call/Voice Balance, (3) Data Allocation, (4) Mobile Internet Usage Alert, (0) Back.
Now you can choose the option you need to know about.

So, that’s how you get to know about your main balance, data balance, validity, and other such information

Same from other telco providers here in the Philippines, you can also balance inquiry via;
  • dial call
  • balance inquiry via SMS
  • their respective develop APP.
  • or through USSD Code.

As promised, I updated this post once it will be available in public and keep updating it every change or updates that they will apply. As of now, they are only offering prepaid DITO Sim Card.

Initial rollout started last March 8, 2021.

Since Dito is just getting started, there will be so many possible questions for all users in the Philippines. One of the reasons why I made this blog, so that it will be easy as personal use and sharing ideas and knowledge for all fellow Filipino people.

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