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Okay! Just looking at DITO Telecom mobile app for this post.

First, it was really simple yet innovative. But please take note; I'm not that excellent, ultimate, hardcore programmer. I know some of it as an IT student. So please don't say something bad about this post. I just want to share my thoughts about their upcoming mobile app.

I mean, seeing this already was really awesome... I can't even wait to try it as well.

So, lets start the View of this app from top to bottom and left to right.

At the head, we have the Mobile Navigation Menu,  DITO Telecom Logo, and Notification Bell.

  • Mobile Navigation Menu - where we can easily locate all on the app activity view. It aims to guide us users in the right direction and not getting lost. By tapping in the listed menu, we will be heading to a new view layout/page.
  • Notification Bell - We are all familiar with this. Most YouTubers says after hitting the subscribe button. This will help us to notify what's new! Just like Facebook or Twitter and any other popular social media app that we know.

Next, lets see directly go at the very bottom. It also has a menu. Most of the programmers call it as Bottom Navigation Menu bar. HOME and HELP!

  • HOME - tapping this will bring you back at the home page activity.
  • HELP - tapping this will for sure helps and guide you anything regarding with the mobile app.

Now the body area is fascinating. By just looking at the image above, I really don't know, cannot even explain what. So I made my research about it.

In my recent post, DITO Telecommunity had done the testing phase! Conducted a Friendly User Test (FUT) in targeted areas among some of their employees and pre-selected partners. 

Read: DITO Telecom Sim Card and Mobile App Tested Successfully Last Month December 2020

It really gives me an explanation about the app body are.

Shared by Mindanao Stock Traders Facebook Page,
the photo shows an official DITO Telecommunity SIM Card.

First is the greetings for the user that welcome us using the app.

The huge circle was the DATA details. That means that, we will have data cap and simply not unlimited internet.

A switch button. (I wonder what is it for)

And then last, will be your credit balance.

The + for sure is used to add more data and credit.

How To Download And Install DITO Mobile App?

Download DITO Mobile App via Google PlayHuawei AppGallery for Android and App Store for iOS users.

You can also download this APK file from this Url address. bit.ly/DITOAndroid. (this link is officially from DITO Telecom.)

  1. Visit the link
  2. Tap Download
  3. Tap on the downloaded APK file then Install.
  4. Once installed, tap Open

Sneak Peek To The Official Mobile App

As of March 8, 2021, DITO Telecom is officially launched commercially in VisMin (Visayas and Mindanao)

They're already distributing DITO SIM Card and ready to use.

Their SIM card is the key to access the DITO Mobile App.

If you're ready, then proceed to tap on Let's get started.

If you already have DITO SIM Card, then proceed to Sign in with your DITO number

Again, you can only able to sign-in using DITO mobile number, then DITO will send you the Password via SMS.

If you have any other question, using DITO mobile app, they have Help for some of your questions.


What ever is in the app, design, layout will do. As we all know that they do really have a very wonderful looking app so far.

But what I really want to know is that, does this App really works perfectly for us? I already tried other telco mobile app and my experienced is awful. Or let's just say, 2-3 Star rating!

Let's just all see. DITO's official commercial launch will be on March this year. DITO's physical stores will be open soon in "major malls" nationwide. Already spotted at SM Malls and Robinsons Galleria Cebu.

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This is all for now in this post and hope you visit again. See you in my next post very soon!

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