DITO Telecommunity: ADVISORY - DITO SIM Cards

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the photo shows an official DITO Telecommunity SIM Card.

Another very important advisory from DITO Telecommunity, now regarding with DITO SIM Cards.

I know that we all wanted to experience the new upcoming telco services already. Unfortunately, DITO Telecom haven't commercially launch yet.

To be honest, even me, I really wanted to try it or have it right away. But, we cannot do anything as of now. All we need to do is to be patient, and wait for the official launch this coming March.

Currently, DITO Telecom already started their 30-day audit last Thursday, January 7, 2021. for its connectivity and internet speeds in various areas here in the Philippines. That means, they are still in Pilot testing after the successful test of DITO SIM card and Mobile App last year December 2020.

DITO is confident that the company will surpass its first-year commitments of providing access to at least 37% of the population with internet speeds of 27 Megabits per second (Mbps), which will rise to 50% by mid-2021 and eventually, to at least 84% by 2024.

Here is the announcement post from the official DITO Telecommunity FB page.

DITO Telecommunity: ADVISORY - DITO SIM Cards


We wish to inform the public to refrain from entering any transaction with people, companies, or enttities posing as legitimate resellers, distributors, or vendors who are offering advance selling or reservation of DITO SIM CARDS.

DITO Telecommunity has not authorized anyone or any group to pre-sell DITO SIM CARDS.

These perpetrators are not in any way connected with DITO Telecommunity or any of its authorized agents. Rest assured that we are actively preparing the necesary actions to handle the situation.

For accurate information and the latest updates about DITO Telecommunity, follow our official Facebook page at facebook.com/DITO.ph or visit our official website DITO.ph.

Atty. Adel Tamano DITO - Chief Administrative Officer of DITO Telecommunity

Now, the question here is that, Where, When and How to buy DITO SIM Card? Okay! DITO Telecom still didn't have any announcements about this. But we all know that, there will be Physical Stores in "major malls" nationwide such as SM and Robinsons Malls.

NOTE: As they stated, DITO Telecommunity did not authorized anyone even any groups or who ever to pre-sell DITO SIM cards.

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