DITO Telecom Sim Card and Mobile App Tested Successfully Last Month December 2020

DITO Telecom Sim Card and Mobile App
source: DITO Telecommunity Official FB Page

DITO Telecommunity had done the testing phase! 

Conducted a Friendly User Test (FUT) in targeted areas among some of their employees and pre-selected partners. 

We're making sure everything is ready before March 2021, the official launch and provide you with the kind of service we deserve!

The DITO FUT SIM card and mobile app is only be made available to pre-identified testers and not available for purchase and download until now.

We just need to be patient and stay tuned because more things are coming DITO is really HERE!

I'm really excited to experience DITO Telecom, as we all does.

Can't wait to check their Sim card and to try their mobile App as well.

Base on experience with other telecommunications provider, it was not that convenient.

As I recall, everything is fine back 2015 when there is no data cap.

That time, we still have unlimited access to the internet.

We can brows, surf the Web. Watch our favorite shows or movies. More time watching in Youtube or where ever Facebook, Instagram etc..

And then, suddenly, we have this limits.

I don't know what is the real reason behind but all I can say is that, nowadays, we don't have the good service that they used to be back then.

Even we pay more, even we have tried a lot of promos. Why is that the services never been that better.

I can say that we as users do suffer for so long, and suddenly they promoting new promos with better internet speed.

My question is WHY? Why didn't do it early? Why only when a new major player coming then we know that it was really possible?

I'm really happy for our country now that we have other options. DITO is here!

People straggled, as they really needed better internet, due to Covid-19, students needs it reliable internet connection so that they can attend Online Class.

But was can we see in the news, some part of the country still have a very poor signal, main reason why other students cannot attend or we can say absent for their online classes.

But still, we hope for the best for each and everyone.

Now, I'm really hoping that DITO Telecom will going to make it. The service that we deserve.

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