Tuesday, January 5, 2021

5:13 PM
DITO Telecom Customer Support

One of the most important thing is Customer Support. We always needed help as a user. A lot of questions that we don't want to assume, guessing that might compromise our work, daily task and etc..

Normal users maybe can wait until service is back, but how about if you're using the internet for your work. Same as me, as an IT related task, normally I use the internet very often. I need to search a lot to learn and I have targets or deadline for each work that I need to do daily.

What will you do if there's a problem encountered using DITO telecom service? Are you currently happy with your telecom provider with their customer support? Have you been disconnected for long, and then takes a long time before someone will go to assist you? Do you face any difficulties to contact their support? Do you want to experience the 3rd major telecommunications company game changer services?

As DITO Telecom mentioned, they will be the big game changer as the 3rd major telecommunications company here in the Philippines, one of their main goals was to provide a very convenient service. This includes Costumer Support.

As an end-user, I that didn't know that much about what's going on, so if you're looking for help, just contact the customer support for assistance.

Most of the time, I do contact CS about the products or services provided. But the problem is what? See below;

  • Long wait time
  • Limited hours for CS call centers
  • Difficult to reach human reps
  • Slow response time for repair teams

This is the very common problems that we wish to be change in the future.

I'm not sure, but if ever that this will be improved by DITO Telecom as the new provider, it will be a huge improvement and very convenient for all users.

Here in DITO Promo, I will do my best to help with regards to the latest promo updates of DITO Telecom from Calls, Text and Internet use.