What is the USSD Code of Dito Telecom?

What is the USSD Code of Dito?

(Updated as of March 2022)

The USSD Code of Dito Telecom - *185#

Once they will start their rollout this coming July 2020. I believed that will be the time they will going to provide us more information that we need regarding with their product.

We do use this in our or other telecom providers in the Philippines like Smart, TNT and Sun / Globe, TM and Cherry Prepaid. Like checking load balance, list of featured promos or to registering a load promo.

If you are still not familiar about USSD CodeDito Telecom USSD Code is *185#

USSD code (abbreviation of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data), sometimes referred to as "Quick Codes" or "Feature codes" but commonly known in the Philippines as "Dial Code". We are not much aware about this, so this post will hope to help you learn more about what is USSD code and the USSD code of each telcos in the Philippines.

According to Wikipedia, it is a protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the service provider's computers. USSD can be used for WAP browsing, prepaid callback service, mobile-money services, location-based content services, menu-based information services, and as part of configuring the phone on the network.

The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) supports USSD. USSD is defined in the GSM standard documents GSM 02.90 and GSM 03.90.

Using the USSD code as a shortcut will make it easier to register too. I listed below the following USSD code of other telecom providers in the Philippines as if you will needed it or for more idea about USSD code.

Here are the USSD Code or Dial Code for Globe, TM, Cherry Prepaid, Smart, TNT, Sun Cellular and ABS-CBN Mobile.

  • Globe and TM USSD Code/Dial Code is *143#
  • Cherry Prepaid USSD Code/Dial Code is *139#
  • Smart, TNT and Sun USSD Code/Dial Code is *123# / Alternative *121#
  • ABS-CBN Mobile USSD Code/Dial Code is *128# 

You may also visit on What USSD Code if you want to learn more.

Pros & Cons

  • You will see a list of latest offered promos.
  • Featured promo is listed and easy to register as you subscribe to that load promo.
  • Sometimes, it loads very slow depends on your phone signal or coverage area. 
  • With a poor signal, registering also facing error and force you to try again.

NOTE: The above details will be updated as soon as it will be available in public. We will change this soon so you will get the latest updates of this post.

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