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This is the welcome post of Ditopromo.com and its been a good day as so far. I am building this website to help fellow Filipino people to have the latest updates of Dito Telecommunity. Our service possible as of our launch starting today, was latest news of what is going on about Dito Telco and the promotions that they will offer to us users that we dedicated our website as Dito Promo for the Philippines.

Welcome Post of Ditopromo
credit to: Dito Telecommunity
I start this from scratch and will do as good as possible to provide a better and very informative website that provides Dito Telco users specially for my fellow pinoy people.

At first, I really don't want to do it because I think that this is just noting or maybe it will not be a good thing to follow anyway. While watching the news about telecommunication, they said that Mislatel (known as Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company, Inc.) will change name to Dito Telecommunity or simply DITO.

Now, I think that maybe this will be really a good one to follow. As I search for more about Dito, our President Rodrigo Duterte awards the company its Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity or simply CPCN last July 8, 2019.

They said that they will be the 3rd major telco player of the Philippines challenging the duopoly of PLDT and Globe Telecom. Now, this makes me and catch my attention of to finally decided to follow their journey.

I bought ditopromo.com to dedicate and full commitment as well to support Dito Telco's progress. Dito started its pilot-testing this November 2019 and plans to begin its commercial operations on the second quarter of 2020. So we will expect that there are Dito sim cards and cellsites where already established.

What we need? First of all, since most people do use internet now a days, we want a fast internet connection. The company as promised committed to deliver 27 Mbps internet speed covering 37 percent of the country in its first year of operation. Also promised to offer 55 Mbps of internet speed, bringing fast internet speed close to that in Singapore, that covers 84 percent of the population within 5 years. As we all know that Singapore telco has their very fast internet services.

There will be a lot more for Dito here in Ditopromo.com, we make all easy as possible for all future users.

Thank you very much!

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