Sunday, January 5, 2020

11:44 AM
Dito Telecommunity Official
Credit: Dito Telecommunity
Finally, game changer is coming! To all my fellow Filipino people. DITO assures DICT it's on track for rollout schedule says ready to roll out telco service by this coming July 2020.

Dito Telecom will going to start and available of its full operations to the public on March 2021 next year.  This was confirmed by Chief Administrative Officer Adel A. Tamano.

If you are looking for DITO Telecommunity Official and social media accounts, well don't worry, I will going to add all of them to this post listed below.

The official website, is still currently not available yet. Since it is still under constructions or coming soon, I cannot confirm if what are the official social media accounts as of now. The social media accounts are the most easy way to get the latest updates from the company.

Why we need the official links? Same as you, most of us will surely going to look for these links to gather information about this telecommunications service provider. And these are also the main source of this website.

Official website: - Dito has arrived. The new telecommunications company will strive to give what the Filipinos deserve - faster connections, wider coverage, and better customer service.

Other links;

Let us take a look on some news and updates to learn about Dito Telecom, but for now, here are what we know about them. It is very important to learn all of this since we are also very dedicated to support this 3rd major telecommunications provider here in the Philippines.

DITO Telecom is formerly known as Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company, Inc. or Mislatel (1998-2019). The 3rd major telecommunications company in the Philippines. Together with Davao businessman Dennis Uy's Udenna Corporation and its subsidiary Chelsea Logistics Corporation, and Chinese state-owned China Telecommunications Corporation.

Dito is expected to begin its commercial operations on the second quarter of 2020.

President Rodrigo Duterte awards the company its Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity
President Rodrigo Duterte awards the company its Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity.

In 2018, it was announced that Mislatel was one of the telecommunication firms to join the government-sanctioned bidding allowing the winner to become the third major telco provider in the Philippines challenging the duopoly of PLDT and Globe.

Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity of the company.
Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity of the company.
On July 8, 2019, Mislatel was renamed as "Dito Telecommunity". Dito was derived from the Filipino word for "here", which is a response to the stakeholders' question on where they plan to set up a firm that would provide a "world class service" with "here" referring to the Philippines, the country where Dito Telcommunity is based in.

Owner: The following stakeholders of Dito Telecommunity (as of February 2019):
  • Udenna Corporation (35%)
  • Chelsea Logistics Corporation (25%)
  • China Telecommunications Corporation (40%)

DITO Telcom Dealing Issues

DITO last year November 9, 2019 signed deals with key partners including Luis Chavit Singson's LCS Group for common tower lease and Sky Cable Corp for the utilization of unused fiber-optic cables in Metro Manila.

Armed Forces to allay fears of cyber-security issues due to Chinese company.

November 25, 2019 - Dito has also signed a memorandum of agreement with the Armed Forces to allay fears of cyber-security issues due to its partnership with a Chinese company.

“We value transparency and integrity in our business. This is the reason why we had a public memorandum of agreement signing with the Armed Forces of the Philippines with members of the media present a few months ago,” Dito Chief Technology Officer Rodolfo Santiago said.

The agreement with the military contains the same provisions signed by the two incumbent telcos with “notable exception that additional provisions were provided pertaining to commitments of Dito to national security.”

”Dito Telecommunity has guaranteed in the recently signed agreement that its devices, equipment and structures shall not be used to obtain classified information from the Armed Forces,” Santiago said

Other things you would like to know once DITO started on July 2020;

Currently we are expecting unlimited call, text and specially internet. Dito committed to initially cover 37 percent of the whole Philippines with a minimum Internet speed of 27 Mbps through a P150-billion capital and operational expenditures budget.

Its five-year commitment entails a P257-billion investment that will result in an 84-percent nationwide coverage with a minimum Internet speed of 55 Mbps. Reliable and affordable. That is what Filipino people wants.

The above details will be updated as soon as it will be available in public. We will change this from time-to-time so you will get the latest updates of this post.