MyDITO Account At DITO Telecommunity Official Website

Greetings DITO users!

Welcome back again and here's my another post about DITO updates, that will make things easy for us using their service.

Having problem using DITO mobile app? Worry no more!

DITO Telecommunity already allowed us to login using our account in their official website.

This is very useful for us users, to have another option to access and manage our account. And have full control to it anytime.

So without further ado, let's jump in on what we can do so far.

MyDITO - Main

How To Login In MyDITO

Same with DITO Mobile App, you can use same login user credentials. And that is your DITO Sim Card mobile number and your DITO mobile app password. Then agree with the terms.

Things You Can Do In Your MyDITO Account

Once you successfully login to your MyDITO Account, at your Dashboard, it will show you your current available Data, Calls and SMS.

You can also Buy Load, Buy Promo and Share Load.

It's actually pretty much everything from the DITO mobile app.

MyDITO - Dashboard

As I spend more time exploring and looking at it, I can say that it is way more easier and faster to use with just some few clicks.

Well, it is desktop anyway, so it does really that easy. Maybe because I more often use my PC rather than my smartphone.

DITO website user interface is very user-friendly. Font text are not hard to read. As a first time user experience, well it deserves a five star overall.

Notifications and FAQ are better on the web also.

Edit Your MyDITO Profile

To edit your profile, just simply top on the red button at the upper right then click Profile. Fill your account information then click Save.

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Email Address - You can replace your email
  • Birthday
  • Other contact Number

MyDITO - Profile

How To Change Email Address In Your MyDITO Account

If you wish to change your new email address to your MyDITO account, just simply follow these steps.

  1. Go to your Profile
  2. and click Change Email Address
  3. Enter your New Email Address
  4. then click Get Email Code
  5. check your new email address for the code that DITO sent you.
  6. enter the 6 digit email code
  7. and click Submit.

MyDITO - Change Email Address

MyDITO UI Is Not Responsive

I know that this maybe not that big issue, but for me, it is better if the MyDITO UI can be also responsive.

If you try to resize your window, it will make you scroll from the side. Yes, it doesn't auto adjust according to your preference.

This is only in my opinion since I do open a lot of browsers with some tabs and I do just fit them in dual monitor setup.

I know that this is we Web version, and it does really necessary to be so, cuz if your using your smartphone, table or iPad, it will be the DITO mobile app you will be using.

But for some reason you are having problem using the DITO app, then you will open your mobile browser then access your DITO account.

Scrolling up and down is really fine. But for side left and right. I really don't like that way.

Again, this is just may opinion and not having bad or negative thoughts about the platform.


NOTE: I will be going to update this again once DITO added some updates or if I have additional thoughts about MyDITO web.

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