Friday, September 11, 2020

1:11 AM

What makes you so sure that you are in the right information? Have you ever been so excited seeing DITO already stared their full operations? Did someone actually using DITO services right now? How can you tell that DITO Telecom is really had a good service.

Well the answer is NO! Dito Telecom is still undergo constructions with its cell site towers for the technical launch of its network, where the national government would audit its entire infrastructure to see if the group was able to hit its committed level of services for the first year.  Even their offices locations all around the Philippines. I did post here in my blog that Dito commercial operations will be on next year officially March 2021 as per Adel Tamano.

No To Fake News FB
Credit to: FB Page - No Fake News

NO Official Details Yet on Broadband Plans

A report from social media report that DITO says no official detail yet on its broadband plans as DITO is still gearing up.

DITO Telecommunity Users, with 200,000+ followers on Facebook, posted last August 26 the group's "proposed monthly rates," which are lower than incumbents to other telecom companies. 

The post of DITO Telecommunity Users has been viral for over 33,000 reactions and been shared more than 60,000 times. The page is not DITO's official page according to GIZGUIDE.

Router Already in Used that Delivers Fast Internet service

As of writing, the shared FB post of the used router was already deleted. I wasn't able to get total stats of its likes and shares but that turns instantly viral as well. 

According to some netizens, the white router was from PLDT and just simply edited the logo by adding DITO login the the lower center of the said router.

It was actually a PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi Cat6 modem.

Don't simply get fooled for some random post shared in social media. As long that they are not from Dito telecom official announcements.

For its first year in the market, DITO, the challenger to Globe and PLDT-Smart, has committed to deliver 27 Mbps with 37 percent coverage. 


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