DITO Telecommunity Land Acquisition Guidelines

There is a lot of questions that we receive from readers of this blog, and most of them are regarding with Dito tower lot rentals. How does this work and where can we get a legit DITO, vendor, representative or agent?

Sounds really questionable to all landowners.

But let us try to discuss it here.

As a landowner, you want to look for someone who can actually help you to step in or to apply for DITO land acquisition.

I am not affiliated to any of this, nor agent.

I only gather useful information regarding with our main topic DITO Telecom.

We also posted some updates about list of cities and provinces with undergo construction or a ready DITO cell site towers. Also, DITO is building their INTERNET DATA CENTER (IDC) that will boost better transmission to all the cell towers that would be constructed.

Credit: Emerging Capiz

If you want to know how our neighbor able to get this opportunity, please do continue reading.

The Short Story

Let me share you this and to make it just very simple. 

My house is on the highway, and most of the land is owned by farmers. 

Even though there are so many available area for a lot possible DITO Tower, still, there is this spot who is actually the main target by contractors.

And yes, it is owned by our neighbor. (He was so lucky right!) he owned a 5 hectares. 

Our neighbor really don't know about it or even wanted to make a business with them, not interested anyway. 

But he really wonders, what is this DITO all about? So, he asks his wife what about it.

His wife then come to our house and look for my mother in law.

They both discuss it, but mother also has no idea as well.

Then, mother asks me "do you know what is DITO all about son?".

That time, I only know that there will be a new major Telco coming to the Philippines that will compete Globe and PLDT-Smart that will end their duopoly. 

Yes, it is one of the main reasons why I started this blog last year 2019. This is the only thing, but I know that they are very legit.

After I finished explain this to my mother in law. She's more interested that our neighbor does.

Me on the other hand, I just keep on looking for some answers if mother will ask me again. And yes! she did.

Just to make it short.

As I remember, there are already 6-7 DITO representatives did inquire with them. 

My mother in law makes it possible. She convinced our neighbor to grab this opportunity and let DITO acquire some of their area.

Legit Transaction of Having Lot For Lease

A Dito tower contractor will survey the target location. Once they find a good area for a potential DITO tower, they will look for the lot owner and discuss about DITO Tower opportunities. 

A contractor representative will present everything about the contract and must have the proper requirements before they can do business.

Must be aware / Bogus Alert:

  • Do not simply sign any papers. 
  • Please be sure to have someone with you that knows about this matter or better have an Attorney join.
  • Do not give any payments as a processing fee. (just give them snacks instead)

DITO Telecommunity releases official land acquisition guidelines for the construction of its towers, base stations, and other similar structures.

They released this due to some reports/events are actually happening and taking advantage with regards to this matter.

In a statement, the third telco said it has appointed 4 authorized representatives to assist in site acquisitions namely: 

  1. Huawei for North Luzon and the National Capital Region
  2.  ZTE for South Luzon and the Visayas
  3.  Nokia - Huaxin for Mindanao
  4. Udenna Infrastructure

Authorized vendors have proper identification and authorization letters. These are properly disclosed to respective local government units, it said.

The public is advised of the following when transacting with DITO authorized agents:

 A memorandum is provided to the landowner, which contains rental fees, conditions and other terms.

Take Note: The rental fees will depends on your locations, city or provinces barangay.

  • DITO teams or vendors will going to check and validate your documents that provided by land owner
  • It is really advisable to make this one very seriously. Contract signing is the last step. (Very Important)
  • DITO or its representatives "never promise" a lumpsum rental payment to landowners. It only provides a maximum of 3 months advance on monthly rentals
  • DITO or its agents will never request for processing fees from landowners. (Don't get fooled.)
  • DITO or its agents never ask for commissions.

DITO Telecommunity Land Acquisition Guidelines
Credit: Dito Telecommunity


DITO is still undergoing construction of its towers, base stations, and other similar structures. As they have 6 more months due to delay of this pandemic.

The Short Story on how a landowner make business with DITO land acquisition.

The official DITO Telecommunity land acquisition guidelines released. To help landowners to have idea and be aware.

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