Why I Ended Up Being A Tour Guide In Iloilo City

Even though that I am from Iloilo City, I haven't really explored it at all.


Hi, my name is Ricky, I am from here in Iloilo City.

Ricky at Nelly's Garden Lopez Mansion
@ Nelly's Garden - Lopez Mansion

Yep! It is a hundred thousand percent, that it was me in the photo.

Here, I will share something how I ended up being a Tour Guide as of the moment with affordable Iloilo Tour Package

I've been in Makati, Manila working as an employee for half a decade. 7 years to be exact.

I did love my job and work as hard as I could to be the best out of my full potential.

But that ends up, since there's still something missing. I really learned a lot, and achieved the things than an ordinary employee does.

But I lose focused. I didn't even know what should be the best thing to do. Or do I have to continue with my career.

Sadly, pandemic (COVID-19) strikes. That was back in 2019, and luckily I was able to come home before the locked-down.

For two years, it has really been difficult for all of us. SURVIVAL!

New Normal started and people resumed working, but I lose job and ended up being broke.

Now what? What will I do to feed my family?

My big brother invited me, "how about being a tour guide brother?"

I was like? And then keep thinking about it.

I haven't really been around in Iloilo City for so long, and I didn't even go out to visit and explore the city.

Somehow, I needed to try.

Even my first ever tour turns out to be a big big fail, I ended the day that I was so very upset. 

Maybe because I was an introvert before, or because I don't really mind knowing what does our city has to offer.

But that didn't stop me.

Fast-forward, I'm good now.

For four months of experience as a tour guide, I already handled about a hundred guests. Tour them and show them the best and beauty of Iloilo City.

Make them happy on every site viewing, taking pictures and let them enjoy the food as well. The original Lapaz Batchoy, Chicken Inasal and Roberto's Siopao.

There are other famous Ilonggo delicacies such as Biscocho Haus and others like Ibos, Bot-ong, Suman, Kalamay Hati, Suman Latik, Inday-Inday, Moasi, Ginat-an Sago, Bitso-Bitso and etc..

Do I like what I do as a Tour Guide in Iloilo?

Well, my first tour was not that good, it still push me to keep going and at the end of that tour, they thank me and say "your a good and happy person, just keep it up Ricky, "

OMG! I still have a good and positive feedback! And a TIP! That time I almost cried, but I'm really glad that it ends with joy.

They laugh not because of me failing to tour them, stuck in a traffic due to Dinagyang Festival, poor knowledge about the Iloilo City, but because we're just sharing stories about life, experiences and made some jokes inside the car.

They are all professionals that understand the situation. Furthermore, they even said that it's their fault that makes me envy that day. LoL!

Moving forward.

Nothing is easy at the beginning, but it will be more harder as long as you keep going to achieve your goals.

I'm just getting started, and I am really glad to see my guest, that they are happy after the tour. Which is the most important part of being a tour guide.

I even started a Youtube channel, where I share Shorts video of my guests.

Send me an email at rickyseomktg @ gmail . com or DM me in my FB account if you would like to book an Iloilo Tour Package. I can refer you to a legit Iloilo based travel agency.

See you soon!

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