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Greetings DITO Users!

If your looking to avail DITO Sim card offline, below are the list of DITO Telecom current partner stores.

Get your DITO SIM card from their authorized partner stores below so you can start experiencing next-gen technology brought to you by DITO!

Their list of partners is growing fast, so I suggest you to visit DITO's official website for the updated list. 

Previously, it was really difficult to know were exactly we can get DITO SIM card. But finally, this list is officially from DITO Telecom.

Below is the initial list as of March 31, 2021:

List of DITO Telecom Partner Stores in VISAYAS

Aerophone SM City Cebu
Aerophone Aerofone Mandaue Shop
Aerophone Robinsons Galleria
Aerophone SM Consolacion
Bailo Geartime Pacific Mall
Bailo Ucaphone 1 Lower Ground
Bailo Ucaphone 2 Upper Ground
Bailo Zaisha Parkmall
Cellboy SM Consolacion - Games and Gadget
Cellfad Ayala Center - Cebu
Cellpod Sm Gadget Plus - SM City Cebu
Cellpod Ayala Center - Cebu
Cellpod Gadget Protekt Ayala Center
Cellpod Robinsons Mall Fuente
Cellpod Sm Cellfad - SM City Cebu
Cellpod Sm Gadget Protekt - SM City Cebu
Cellpod SM Main - SM City Cebu
CQE Gaisano Grand Mandaue Centro
Galaxy Cybertech - Gaisano Grand Mall
Huawei SM City Cebu
Junrex SM City Cebu
Mind Alliance Ventures MX SM Cebu
Oppo Concept SM Consolacion
Q2 Ayala Center Cebu
Q2 Kiosk SM City Cebu
Q2 SM City Cebu
RC Goldline SM City Cebu
Remax SM City Cebu
Rulls Audionet Pacific Mall
Rulls K Star Cebu
Rulls Rulls Robinsons Galleria
Rulls Rulls SM City Cebu
Rulls Rulls SM Consolacion
Rulls Rulls SM Seaside
Tiffany Blue Adrose Cellshop Tabunok
Tiffany Blue Digital Village - SM Cebu
Tiffany Blue Istyle - Sm City Cebu
Tiffany Blue Jmags Basak
Vivo SM City Cebu
XO SM City Cebu Lounge
XO Ayala Center Cebu
XO SM City Cebu

List of DITO Telecom Partner Stores in MINDANAO

Cellboy Games & Gadgets SM Ecoland
Distributor Giant Byaneng 1
Distributor Giant Metro Shuttle Pereyras
Mind Alliance Ventures MX SM Ecoland
Royal Telecom - Ytelecom Gaisano Mall Toril
Royal Telecom - Ytelecom Gmall Bajada
Royal Telecom - Ytelecom SM Lanang
Royal Telecom - Ytelecom Abreeza Mall
Royal Telecom - Ytelecom Citi Mall
Royal Telecom - Ytelecom GMALL Buhangin
Royal Telecom - Ytelecom NCCC
Royal Telecom - Ytelecom SM Ecoland
Rulls Audionet Buhangin
Rulls Audionet City Mall Ilustre
Rulls SM Ecoland
Rulls SM Lanang
Rulls Social Technomatic
Rulls Tech Synergy Buhangin
Tekphone Gmall Bajada
Tekphone Huawei 1 Gmall Bajada
Tekphone Huawei 2 Gmall Bajada
Tekphone Huawei SM Lanang
Tekphone SM Ecoland
Uniglobal Buenas Supermarket
Uniglobal Danela Cellshop
UPPLE Cherry GMALL Tagum
UPPLE Cherry GMALL Toril
UPPLE Huawei - GMALL Tagum
UPPLE Huawei - Gaisano Grand Mall Buhangin
UPPLE Huawei - GMALL Digos
UPPLE Huawei - Robinsons Tagum
UPPLE My Phone - GMALL Tagum
UPPLE Oppo - GMALL Digos
UPPLE Oppo - GMALL Tagum
UPPLE Oppo Concept - Gaisano Mall Davao Bajada
UPPLE Realme - GMALL Digos
UPPLE Realme - GMALL Tagum
UPPLE Samsung - City Gate Buhangin
UPPLE Samsung - GMALL Digos
UPPLE Samsung - Robinsons Tagum
UPPLE Techno GMALL Digos
UPPLE Vivo 2 - Gaisano Mall Davao Bajada
UPPLE Wiltelcom - Ayala Abreeza
UPPLE Wiltelcom - Gaisano
UPPLE Wiltelcom - NCCC Tagum
UPPLE Wiltelcom - Buhangin
UPPLE Wiltelcom - GMALL Digos
UPPLE Wiltelcom - GMALL Tagum
UPPLE Wiltelcom - Grand Panabo
UPPLE Wiltelcom - Robinsons Tagum
UPPLE Wiltelcom - SM Ecoland
UPPLE Wiltelcom - Victoria

Source: DITO Telecommunity -

If you already have your first DITO SIM card, you might want to check out their latest offers such as DITO Promos.

You also needed to understand how to start using your DITO Sim card. First you need to activate it but you need the DITO mobile app to get started.

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