Friday, October 2, 2020

2:31 AM

Yes, and finally Dito Telecommunity official website just recently go live. As things get more excited, I've been waiting for this update as well. Where and when it will be. As of now, this is one of there major updates and its really real, will be a huge change and improvements of our mobile communication experience.

Below are the list of what we can find as of now when visiting DITO's official website. Following are the mission/vision, their commitment for the future expectations using DITO Telecom services and of course, their Milestones.

Dito Telecom Official Webiste



To reinvent the telecommunications industry by improving the way Filipinos experience connectivity with secure, fast and high value 4G and 5G technologies


To digitally empower the nation and connect Filipino communities - this is why "telecommunications" to us means TELECOMMUNITY.


  • The Promise that is DITO
  • SUPERIOR Customer Service
  • 27MBPS on Year One
  • DOUBLE THE SPEED on Year Two
  • 10x Faster
  • 84% COVERAGE in Five Years


A digital tomorrow with DITO

  • MOBILE PREPAID - for high value for money
  • MOBILE POSTPAID for top notch user satisfaction
  • DATA PRODUCTS & SERVICES - for world class connectivity


The roll-out

  1. The first domestic and international phone and video calls were made in March 2020, two months ahead of schedule and despite the global pandemic.
  2. 1,300 base stations are currently being constructed with more than 300 already on air. This is on top of the number of towers being constructed by our ITCs.
  3. The DITO core network is in place and continues to be enhanced and reinforced.
  4. Manpower ramp up, from 100 employees at the start to more than 300 and counting!
  5. Preparations are underway for the Friendly User Test this 4th Quarter of 2020
  6. DITO Telecommunity is scheduled to launch by March 2021.
Source: Dito Telecommunity Official Website


For sure, I look forward for more updates from their official website. And I will be on a mission to share everything here. The next update will be before roll-out, March 2021 maybe.

As we are expecting more functions that will be available in there website, just like what we are hoping it to be.

Such as guides, promos, plans, more news and updates like available gadgets and stuffs.

And also, their mobile App that can use when using their service.