Tuesday, June 23, 2020

6:03 AM
Welcome Post of Ditopromo
credit to: Dito Telecommunity
Welcome DITO Telecommunity future users!
Are you even more excited than me?

Well, the only reason why we are so excited is to experience a fast and affordable price of the upcoming 3rd major player Dito Telecom.

Here, you can read the upcoming updates of Dito Telecom promos soon when their operations start on March 2021 next year.

In this post, we will see their available plans when offered for;
  • Unlimited Call Plan
  • Unlimited Text Plan
  • Unlimited Call and Text Plan
  • Unlimited Internet Plan
  • Combo Unli of Call and Text Plan
  • Combo Unli of Call, Text and Internet Plan
This way, it will bring Filipino people with thanks, a very convenient service and a lower price.

The 5G technology is on its way to all Filipinos soon. Experiencing a more faster internet surfing experience.

Other major telecom providers already launched 5G and user experience are still in question. Let's wait until DITO telecom starts their full operations and services.

NOTE: This post will be edited soon for more information regarding with DITO Telecom Plans.