Monday, February 24, 2020

1:33 AM
When will exactly DITO Telecom services and operations will start and available for all Filipino people? Where is their office site, the DITO Telecommunity headquarters? What exactly they are doing right now? How are they making the rollout exactly as expected with its commitment?

To tell you frankly, no one really knows from outside their company. The only thing for sure their employees who already started working, besides from that, all persons who is part of their network. And speaking to their office, one is in BGC, Taguig City, Makati. But I guess the main office will be soon in Clark Global City located at Clark Freeport, Pampanga (2023)

Clark Global City (CGC) is owned by Udenna Corporation. The “vertical development,” which includes office buildings, hotels, dormitories, and other recreational spaces will be open to local and foreign investors. Over the next 10 years, Udenna envisioned the area to have a huge SM mall, a 5-star hotel, a resort and casino, office buildings, dormitories, and a University.

The Roadmap as DITO Telecommunity provided May 2020 - March 2021

Here is the summary, as a Dito's updated timeline, which chief administrative officer Adel Tamano said will be "on track":
  •     May 2020 - is the "First call"
  •     July 2020 - their 'technical launch' to cover 37% of the country's population by building 1,600 towers, ready for technical audits
  •     September 2020 - will be the pre-commercial trials
  •     March 2021 - official launch of commercial operations
Before DITO Telecommunity to begin commercial services operations available on March 2021, there are so many things to do in order to fulfill its commitment to deliver. Dito’s five-year commitment entails a P257-billion investment that will result in an 84-percent nationwide coverage with a minimum Internet speed of 55 Mbps.

First Call. We will expecting to hear from DITO on May for their latest news and updates. We as a mobile subscribers will have to wait until next year March 2021, as Dennis Uy's team fine-tunes services in a bid to play the duopoly and beat Globe and PLDT-Smart.

Technical Launch. According to some news, DITO will start their commercial services and operations on this coming July (2nd quarter of 2020). But actually it will be only the technical launch. It means that DITO network will be ready for technical audits from the NTC (National Telecommunications Commission). This is to make sure that they can comply to the government-approved number to cover 37 percent of the country’s population. -Through a disclosure from its sister firm, Chelsea Logistics.

"While has there been some talk of commercial operations starting as early as September or November [of 2019], realistically our target is in 2020 because we want to put our network in place so we'll have good service," - Tamano had said in an interview with CNN Philippines in July 2019.

As explained by Tomano, it is not another postponement, since Dito's network would be available by July 2020 – but not for consumers to use just yet.

"In our CPCN (certificate of public convenience and necessity), the July 18, 2020 refers to our technical launch, which means that we have to have the entire network set and government will audit us if we are reaching our commitment of 37% coverage and 27 Mbps – that is only a technical launch, that isn't a commercial launch," Tamano said.

The technical launch would also determine the network's stability and check the quality of customer service support, according to Tamano.

Before the government's audit, Dito plans to make the "first call," proof that all components of the network are already in place.

DITO Owned and Common Towers Under Construction

Dito aims to build 1,600 towers by July 2020, which will covers 37% of the Philippine population. Close to 600 base installations have been done to date, comprising owned and common towers.

This is fulfill what Dito committed to initially cover 37 percent of the whole Philippines with a minimum Internet speed of 27 Mbps through a P150-billion capital and operational expenditures budget.

3rd Major Player DITO - NO Corruption!

I don't know what exactly is happening in other telecommunications companies here in the Philippines. But President Rodrigo Duterte defended the selection of the third major telecommunications player in the country. "There is no corruption at all. I guarantee you upon the grave of my father, I do not allow, I do not talk to them, I just say just do your work," President Duterte said during his fourth State of the Nation Address (SONA). (July 22, 2019).

So I believed that DITO's advanced 5G technology will be the way of telecom game changer for the Philippines. Building one of our top needs, is to experience a fast internet connection in an affordable and convenient, lower cost is very near.


Dito Telecom services and commercial operations will be on next year March 2021.

Dito's office main office at CGC.

The first call of the next Dito telecom update.

What actually on July this year is only the technical launch.

Cell sites under construction with 600 base installations been done.

No Corruption on this 3rd major telecommunications company.

I'm very excited on what will happen after DITO Telecom rollout results. How much impact this will hurts Globe and PLDT-Smart's duopoly.

If Dito promos does really make a slice of a cake to drop cost and charges of Globe and PLDT-Smart, not only me, but for sure all of us will benefit to this new era.

I will be updating this again soon for more updates. For the mean time, I only have this one to share it to you. No matter what happens, dont' just simply believe on what you heard. Just make have faith in the outcome and importance for the future of Philippines communications.